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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie What are seat reservations? Seat reservations aren't included in your Interrail Pass, but for a small fee they guarantee you a comfy seat on busy routes across Europe. Trains that ask for reservations normally save you time and have lots of extra features, like wifi and power sockets or sleeping facilities, plus you can bag a space next to your friends What are seat reservations? For some trains, like high-speed and night trains, it's mandatory to buy a seat reservation. With this reservation your seat on a particular train with a specific departure time is guaranteed. Please note that you can only buy reservations when you have a valid activated Interrail Pass. Don't have your Interrail Pass yet? Not sure whether you need seat reservations, or how much they cost? Dont worry - we have all the answers A seat reservation is a ticket that ensures you'll have a place on a particular train, even if it's extremely busy. Reservations are mandatory for most high-speed trains and all night trains in Europe. Please note that reservations are charged by the European railway companies. They are not included in your Interrail Pass

A seat reservation is a complimentary ticket to your Interrail Pass and therefor it's not included with your pass. The seat reservation is only valid on a set departure and gives you a guaranteed seating on the train. The seat reservation ticket should be shown along with your interrail pass when boarding the train. A seat reservation ticket is not valid without a train ticket, in this case your interrail pass You can make seat reservations through the Interrail.eu website for 95% of all European trains. To do this, you need an Interrail Pass and an Interrail.eu account. You can also book many trains through our Rail Planner app. Reservations for Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux will be sent to you as e-tickets. You need to print these e-tickets and bring with you on the train. For other countries, you'll receive your reservations as paper tickets through registered mail There are two options to make your seat reservation: 1. You can book your seat reservations by selecting the Rail Passes tab on the booking form on the right. Simply check the Seat Reservation box and search for your journey. You'll then be able to make all your seat reservations in one booking. 2 WIE MAN EINEN PLATZ RESERVIERT Sie können Ihre Platzreservierungen buchen, indem Sie das Tab Bahn-Pässe auf dem Buchungsformular, auf der rechten Seite, wählen. Markieren Sie einfach das Kästchen Platzreservierung und suchen dann nach der von Ihnen gewünschten Reiseroute

Seat reservations aren't included in your Interrail Pass - they're an additional supplement charged by some railway companies to make sure everyone gets a seat on busy services *Reservation type: Mandatory; Limited seats for people with an Interrail Pass. Alternative route (with some reservations) Paris Nord to Amiens - InterCités* - 1hr 20min. Amiens to Lille Flandres - Regional TER - 1hr 20min. Lille Flandres to Antwerp Centraal - InterCity - 2hr 5min. Antwerp Centraal to Rotterdam Centraal - InterCity - 1hr 15mi Reservation fares usually vary from EUR 1 to EUR 10 in 2nd class (seat reservations in the UK and in Poland are free), but certain international high speed trains can cost up to EUR 20 and more. In 1st class prices can be about double the price on some trains, however extra complimentary services are often included Du kannst deine Sitzplatzreservierungen für 95 % aller europäischen Züge über die Webseite Interrail.eu buchen.Dazu benötigst du einen Interrail Pass und ein Interrail.eu Konto.Viele Züge sind auch über unsere Bahnreisen-Planer-App buchbar. Reservierungen für Italien, Frankreich, Österreich, die Schweiz, Deutschland und die Benelux-Staaten werden dir als E-Tickets zugestellt Reservations - Interrail.net Interrail Reservations for Seats and Night Trains The most important information about Interrail reservations we already listed on rail.cc. Find all types of trains and possible reservation fees. As well as all night trains of Europe include detailed Interrail reservation prices

You can make an optional seat reservation for around €3 at the Austrian Railways site, see the instructions here. This is a good idea at busy times such as Friday or Sunday afternoons Book seat reservations Our partners include. Share your adventures on: Stay updated! Subscribe to be the first to know about our latest deals and get travel inspiration. Plus, you will have a chance of winning 2x Interrail Passes for future travel! By signing up for our newsletter you agree to our terms and conditions. You have been successfully subscribed. Email Address field is required. Seat reservations on European trains. Some trains in Europe require a seat reservation, most commonly in France, Italy, and Spain. Reservation fees are charged by the railway carriers, and are not included in your Interrail Pass. Read all about reservations. The National Geographic Traveller Reader Awards We won a National Geographic Traveller Reader award in the rail category! Thank you for.

If you're taking any high-speed trains within Western Europe, you'll find that you often need to reserve a seat to use with your Interrail pass. In Spain, Italy and France in particular, reservations are compulsory and can be quite pricy To travel with Eurostar using your pass you need to book your seat in advance and pay a seat reservation fee. You'll be travelling in either Standard or Standard Premier, depending on the class of your rail pass. Passes eligible on UK-France route: Eurail or Interrail Global Passes Passes eligible on UK-Belgium route: Eurail or Interrail Global Passes Passes eligible on UK-Netherlands route.

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Seat reservation is not possible. Liège - Leuven - Bruxelles - Gent - Brugge - Oostende | Antwerpen - Gent - Lille | Bruxelles - Namur - Luxembourg | Liège - Charleroi - Mons - Tournai Buy Interrail Pass Interrail train reservations Czech Republic. How to buy Interrail reservations for trains in Czech Republic. Information about free train types and trains with compulsory reservation. Buy Interrail Pass! ALEX / ALX. ALEX - Die Länderbahn GmbH DLB (ALX) The alex trains operate on two main routes: the southern route from Munich to Oberstdorf in the Bavarian Alps and to Lindau on Lake Constance. An Interrail rail pass gives you borderless, flexible train travel to over 40,000 destinations across 31 incredible European countries, giving you the freedom to create your own story If you already have a rail pass, which means you only need seats reservations and not tickets, be sure to choose the correct I have a Eurail/Interrail option from the drop-down menu before you click Find Tickets. How to Change a Seat Reservation. Most seat reservations are non-refundable and non-changeable. Return to FAQ page Passes do not include seat reservations and extra charges. If you wish to reserve a seat, we recommend that you get a seat reservation on the selected train, if possible. Seat reservation is compulsory on certain trains, on which the seat reservation must be purchased along with the Interrail and Eurail pass. Concessions based on age, such as the Global or One Country pass: Passengers over 60.

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In international traffic, seat reservation is required for travel on Lyria services to France, EC trains to Italy and on the IC Buses of DB. For more information about reservations in Switzerland click here. Night trains: Interrail is valid on all night trains. Reservation is compulsory on night trains to Vienna, Budapest and Zagreb. Seat. Reservations Du kannst deine Sitzplatzreservierungen für 95 % aller europäischen Züge über die Webseite Interrail.eu buchen.Dazu benötigst du einen Interrail Pass und ein Interrail.eu Konto In vielen anderen Ländern, wie Österreich, den Benelux-Staaten und Deutschland, kommt man meist ohne Reservierung aus. Schaue dir aber auch den Interrail-Fahrplan an, um alle deine Züge zu finden, und herauszufinden, ob Reservierungen erforderlich sind About reservations; Trains in Europe; Before you leave; Book hostels in Europe; Last-minute trips - No reservations! Solo vs Group Travel; You decide which track to take! Sustainable travel; Bus travel vs train travel; Plane travel vs train travel; Find train times; Railway ma

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Many day and night trains offer you a choice of seat types, such as reclining seats, sleepers, or compartments. Find out more One thing to bear in mind when booking your rail travel is that on most trains, you'll need to have a seat reservation if you don't want to end up standing the whole way - and these are not included with your InterRail or Eurail pass, but booked separately. Most high-speed trains and ALL night trains in Europe need a reservation, as you need to state which sleeping or class accommodation you require. Similarly, trains in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Sweden have limited seats. The Interrail pass is valid as a travel ticket with all the participating railway companies - which almost is every one of them. Thanks to this you no longer have to waste your time and money on buying tickets for every train you are riding with. Just bring your Interrail pass when you travel and show it on the train. Complement with a seat reservation where you need to However, even though it's optional, it's a smart move to make a seat reservation for a long journey as it guarantees you a seat, well worth the €3-€4.50 reservation fee. There are a few notable exceptions : Thalys trains between Brussels & Amsterdam and Brussels & Cologne have compulsory reservation & an expensive special fare for Interrail passholders

r/Interrail: A subreddit for everyone interested in travelling Europe using InterRail. We're happy to help you planning your trip and we love to Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Interrail. log in sign up. User account menu. 4. Seat Reservations. Close. 4. Posted by. u/destoret_ 2 days ago. Seat Reservations. So me and 3 of my. In France, they artificially limit the number of reservations you can make using interrail in 1st and 2nd class so we were grounded foe some time, even though there would be seats available. The interrail idea litterally only seems attractive if you travel on the right side of that imaginary line, where train travel is not this huge scam as hinted in the post earlier. No f**ing wonder.

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Answer 1 of 5: I'm trying to reserve seats on a train from Milan to Geneva, but their website doesn't seem to work and when trying to add the interrail discount to italiarail, either I get an empty page or all the tickets are not discounted and very.. If you have an Interrail Pass, you can make your seat reservations through us. Please answer the questions below to start booking your reservations: Use this tool. During this time we refer you to buy your seat reservation or by calling +46 (0)771-757575. You can also buy your seat reservation via any travel agency or retailer that sells SJ tickets. Seat reservations are only valid together with a valid Interrail or Eurail Pass. No seat reservation is required for travel by SJ Regional train All you need to know about seat reservations and night train bookings on your next Interrail adventure through Europe

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  1. Ready to book your seat reservations? Our handy tool will tell you if your trains need them and help you book them instantly
  2. Interrail seat reservation bookings in advance. Eastie90 @ 28-05-2015 23:00 . Hi I'm aware you need to book seats on certain trains. I was wondering how you can do that in advance so that you can get the train time you want. Or will I just be ok doing this at the station a day or 2 before I travel? Also on one German website for the train I want to travel on over night that is direct from.
  3. Reservation costs are not included in your Interrail pass; However in most cases, you can avoid seat reservations. Reservations are only required for some trains. In almost all countries you just hop on, find an empty seat and show your Interrail pass when asked by the conductor, there's nothing more to pay
  4. Reservations For some trains, like night trains and high-speed trains (for example the Caledonian Sleeper, Alfa Pendular and TGV), it's mandatory to reserve a seat. These reservations are not included in your Interrail Pass. You can buy them through our Reservation Service for 95% of the trains in Europ
  5. d of having a guaranteed place on a specific train. Often there are additional extra benefits such as direct high-speed trains with faster journey times than regular trains, free Wi-Fi and.
  6. Which mentioned that InterRail pass holder can reserve the seat on reservation-mandatory train by using Global Pass option when purchasing. So, isn't there anyone ever tried this before? Le

It's worth reserving yourself a seat, especially during peak times (May-September and school holidays) or if you have a plane to catch at the other end! Reservations for night trains are always compulsory. The reservation fee varies depending on the type of sleeping accommodation you choose, and the route you are travelling on Interrail gives you the possibility to explore and discover different places in Europe in a practical and adventurous way where you always are in charge of where to go to next. On some trains you will need to make a seat reservation in advance, if you are travelling with an interrail pass you will get a discount on the trains where a seat reservation is required. Discounts on ferries, buses.

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Interrail train reservations Poland How to buy Interrail reservations for trains in Poland. Information about free train types and trains with compulsory reservation Seat Reservation - Interrail Pass. Can you explain Interrail Pass reservations, and how to avoid or make them? What reservation fees can I expect? What about reservations in France? How to make seat reservations on the Interrail website? What are reservations and are they included? What happens when my Interrail reservation is not confirmed yet?. How much are reservations? Reservation fares usually vary from EUR 1 to EUR 10 in 2nd class (seat reservations in the UK and in Poland are free), but certain international high speed trains can cost up to EUR 20 and more. In 1st class prices can be about double the price on some trains, however extra complimentary services are often included Reservations & Supplements. Keeping in line with the spirit of Interrail, train travel in Spain is nice and relaxed, as the railway lines are quite well connected! You can just hop on and off most of the local and regional trains. But to give you piece of mind, we recommend that you make sure you understand everything there is to know about seat reservations and supplements on trains in Spain.

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  1. Interrail or Eurail seat reservations are extra bookings required on certain trains when travelling Europe using an Interrail or Eurail pass. They are not tickets, but are used together with your rail pass to allow you onto certain services. As well as being compulsory to board certain services, they also guarantee you a seat on the train that you've selected. That can be a bonus in peak.
  2. Here you can search and purchase your seat reservation. Please note that you need a valid ticket or travel pass like an Interrail or Eurail pass together with your reservation. If you also want to purchase a ticket, please click the button Book tickets Remember to check for updates in the timetable before your departure. BOOK TICKETS. Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  3. Seat reservation may be compulsory or highly recommended on select European train. The cost for a reservation or supplement is not included in a Interrail pass and varies depending on the country, type of train and date of purchase/travel. High speed trains and night trains are examples of rains requiring a supplement and reservation

An Interrail Pass does not guarantee a seat on a train or boat, unless a separate reservation is secured in advance. Fees for seat reservations, sleeping accommodation, port taxes, meals, and other services offered on board of trains and boats are not included in the Pass. For certain trains and ferries, reservations in advance are compulsory and surcharges and/or supplements may apply. Pass. Seat reservation ; Travelling with children; DB shuttle service; Booking Information; Payment options; Online ticket; App DB Navigator ; Komfort Check-in; Quick booking ; Exchange or cancellation; National and international passenger rights; Step-by-step to your ticket; Safe travel; Best price finder; Train Fleet; Long-distance trains; Regional trains; Seat reservation The Interrail Global Pass practically gives you unlimited travel within 33 different European countries. Go from - to almost everywhere. It doesn't matter how much you travel, the price will still reamain low. With the Interrail Global Pass you choose a certain amount of travel days and a period of validity Eurail/Interrail train reservation. I was mentioning the booking fee before and here I will explain a bit about it. The Eurail/Interrail booking fee is another very important detail that you have to consider before buying the pass. Remember, just because you are a lucky Eurail pass holder, that doesn't mean you can get on any train for free, whenever you want! Why? Because some of the trains.

Eurail / Interrail pass - All Train Reservations in Europe Rail Pass Europe valid on almost all trains in Europe All passes and seat reservations in Europe. Home Tickets; Rail tours ; Holidays; City Breaks; Trans-Siberian; Luxury; Inter/Eurail; Passes; Winter; Motorail #1 in Europe +65,000 stations +100 Countries +30 Rail Tours + Best price; Cart; Log In contact #1 in Europe +65,000 stations. However, we would recommend you to buy a seat reservation, especially if you're travelling in a group. This way you can not be asked to leave a seat, which might happen if you don't have a reservation. Reservations are not included in your Interrail Pass. We can help you book your reservations for 95% of the trains in Europe. It's also possible.

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The Interrail Pass is a paper ticket that allows you to travel on most European trains. It gives you access to the services of 40 rail and ferry companies in 33 countries. You can board most trains by simply showing your Interrail Pass. Some railway companies, however, require seat reservations The cost for a seat reservation is about $11 USD per seat . If you are traveling on International trains between countries, you will also need a seat reservations. For example, if you take the Thalys train from Paris to Amsterdam and you have a 1st class rail pass, you can choose a 1st class seat reservation for an additional cost of $85 USD per seat Interrail Global Pass; Eurail Global Pass; One Country Passes: Interrail Benelux; Eurail Benelux; Fare conditions Fare available for a one-way journey in Premium or Comfort for 1st class Pass holders and in Standard for 2nd class Pass holders. Only available at the international counters of an NS, SNCF or SNCB station, by telephone at +32 70 66 77 88. Subject to availability; Exchangeable once.

Restricted seat reservations: We want to ensure that you can maintain a suitable level of distance from other passengers on our trains, so we are modifying our seat reservation system. Now, only 60 percent of all seats on long-distance trains will be available for advance booking Reservations For some trains, like night trains and high-speed trains (for example the Caledonian Sleeper, Alfa Pendular and TGV), it's mandatory to reserve a seat. These reservations are not included in your Interrail Pass. You can buy them through our Reservation Service for 95% of the trains in Europe Just be aware that you have to pay a small fee for a seat reservation on many long-distance & high-speed trains and for sleeping berths on overnight trains. This can be done at the station as you go, or in advance, sometimes online, sometimes only by phone. The cost of reservations on specific routes (and whether or not that reservation can be made online) is shown on the Eurail & Interrail.

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If you have booked a Eurail or Interrail global pass for your trip, you are also welcome to use it on ÖBB Nightjets, depending on validity. These reservations guarantee a seat or a place in the couchette or sleeper cabin on the booked train. Price overview; Nightjet Vienna - Bregenz / Graz - Feldkirch Surcharge; Seat incl. reservation : € 6,-Couchette in compartment with 6 berths incl. Eurail Pass holders receive a 7.5% discount on boat trips with Donauschifffahrt Wurm & Köeck on the route Regensburg - Deggendorf - Passau - Linz (reservation mandatory). Discover Germany's most popular travel route with the Romantic Road coach rid Seat reservation ; Travelling with children; DB shuttle service; Services. print; Overnight travel on the ICE and IC. Overview of daily night services. Dortmund-Frankfurt-Munich (ICE train) Cologne-Hanover-Berlin (ICE train) Hamburg-Cologne-Frankfurt (IC train) Kiel-Cologne-Frankfurt-Basel (IC train) Przemyśl-Krakow-Wroclaw-Berlin (EC train) Bonn-Cologne-Hanover. You'll find an introduction to reservations on the Interrail website. Basically, reservation conditions are the same for both Eurail and Interrail, the Trenitalia Pass does include seat reservation fees. Nevertheless, reservations are mandatory, but free of charge. The pass is available for 3 or 4 trips within 7 days; 7 trips within 15 days ; 10 trips within 1 month; and also for three.

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After you have created the overview with all the trains you are planning to take, click on Add to cart and fill in the travellers and seating options for each train you wish to make a reservation for. When you are done, click on Submit Reservations on the bottom of the page or above your itinerary. That will send the request to us Reservations interrail eu Book your seat reservations - Interrail . To use the Self-Service, you need to be logged in to your Interrail account and have a trip and travelers selected. The Self-Service lets you book e-ticket reservations up to 3 hours before its departure.You'll receive an e-ticket which we recommend you print at hom The Interrail Planner app will tell you whether your train needs a seat reservation. However, you won't always be able to pay for your seat reservation through the app. Some train operators don't integrate with the Interrail app, so your best bet is to book your seat reservation in person at the station You can make reservations up to 3 months in advance. The number of seats available for Interrail Pass Holders is limited on the TGV, Thalys trains, certain InterCité trains and the Paris-Frankfurt ICE train. Please reserve your seats on these trains as far in advance as possible. How to make reservations for French train

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Answer 1 of 6: Hi all. This is our first time Interrailing. Some of our planned route has mandatory seat reservations so I used the Interrail service to do this. Seemed like a simple way of doing it. And I guess it was, except that you can't.. If you already have a train ticket or Interrail Pass, you can buy your international seat reservation here: Buy you international seat reservation. If you purchased a Orange Europe ticket, you will need a seat reservation for the departure shown on the ticket. It is not possible to buy special products, such as night cages, bicycles or prams. You must have a seat reservation for all trips with DSB (Except S-trains, train buses). The regular seat reservation ticket is free of charge (bicycle. Reservations are only mandatory on Milan-Geneva trains as far as Domodossola. If it doesn't work, you can always take a Regional train from Milan to Domodossola - it'll be twenty minutes slower, plus the time waiting for the next train out, but you won't need a reservation at all and Domodossola has a station bar on the correct platform for you Answer 1 of 4: Hi! I'll be travelling from Berlin to Warsaw with the EC train. I've heard reservation is compulsory but free of charge at Polish stations. As I start my journey in Berlin I can't reserve a seat in a Polish train station. Can I buy a.. A ' Free Travel Pass or valid ticket holders ' option is an option for customers who would like to reserve a seat on a service and who are in possession of a ticket (s) such as Family Tickets, Single, Day Return, Weekly, Monthly, Annual, Taxsaver Monthly, Taxsaver Annual, InterRail and Free Travel pass holders/DFSA free travel scheme

Rail pass options in the Netherlands - InterRail, EurailExplore Italy by Train | Top Interrail DestinationInterrail/Eurail Pass - Is It Really Worth It? (2021 Update)

I'm going to take the Zürich-Hamburg ICE train using my Interrail pass, and know that seat reservation is optional on this Train. As I've never Interrailed before, I wonder: what would happen in c.. Seat reservations, accommodation and discounts on attractions are part of the package, plus much more, making Interrailing even more accessible and carefree. If a package does not fit your needs, you can request custom changes to the itinerary, made just for you For some trains, like night trains and high-speed trains (for example the Caledonian Sleeper, Alfa Pendular and TGV), it's mandatory to reserve a seat. These reservations are not included in your Interrail Pass. You can buy them through our Reservation Service for 95% of the trains in Europe. Try and book your seats as far in advance as possible, for most trains you can do this up to 3 months in advance. This is especially recommended if you are taking popular trains, are traveling in a. Seat Reservation Costs The Interrail site lists seat reservation fees. Most of our seat reservations were €9-10 each and cost the same for first or second class. Our most expensive trip was the eight-hour journey from Marseille, France to Madrid, Spain For European Rail Passes including Eurail, Interrail, German Rail, Swiss Rail, Balkan Rail, European East Passes and more, When a seat reservation is required, the cost is not included in the pass and varies depending on the country, type of train and date of purchase. A train reservation can be made per person, per train for a fee and is only valid for use on the specific train, date and. Eurail & Interrail passes & seat reservations We're currently not able to offer seat reservations for Eurail or Interrail passes on Rail Europe, nor do we sell Interrail or Eurail passes. Below we offer information about these rail passes and how they compare to point-to-point tickets

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